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World English is a high-end customized English language training institute for adults with its headquarters in Shanghai, China.  Having successfully taught more than 300,000 students, World International English operates over 60 centers in more than 30 cities in mainland China.

The core of our service boasts the dedication of helping more Chinese command fluent English in an easy confident and convenient way so as to realize their dream of success since the founding of our institute. Furthermore, we have always been dealing with the difficulties and challenges from all respective our students encounter in real English learning situations. Every year, we elevate the English levels for the domestic servants, professionals who work for multi-national organizations, students and others form all walks of life.

As a professional language training institute, we proclaim our unique “Mother Tongue Methodology”, well organized and structured academic management combines the face-to-face learning with our deep experienced foreign teachers as well as the learner-friendly studying experience from our developed system. Meanwhile, you will find learning English with us never more fun instead of a task you treated it to be as before!

The World international English has the same common ground with our students, in terms of making a better life, a larger friend’s circle; creating employment, providing overseas working and studying chances, which are all the necessary factors for fast-growth.

Welcome aboard, under our joint efforts we will help you change your future!




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